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學院使命 Mission



The Indian Board of Alternative Medicines believes firmly that the citizens of the world want and deserve the opportunity to receive the highest quality of health care, with the broadest range of care options.

Those who graduate are required to demonstrate a broad understanding and competency in health care and maintain a commitment to intellectual development, health and healing practice, and scholarship in complementary, alternative and traditional medicine, and integrated health practice.

課程簡介 (Introduction)

輔導及心理治療學碩士 (Master in Psychotherapy & Counseling),簡稱MPC。此課程融合了嶄新醫學及傳統心理學,兩者相輔相成,為對心理學有興趣深入進修的學員取得國際認可碩士的學歷,以此踏進心理學路途之上。


Master in Psychotherapy & Counseling (MPC), this course includes the lately medicine knowledge and traditional psychology. For who may interested, you can achieve an international certificate of Master.

Counseling is supported by Psychoanalysis, Humanistic psychology, and Gestalttheorie. It develops CBT that is used by Psychologists, social workers, etc. Recently, They develop an array of new industries, and they concern about the psychology human resource. The HRs is eager for people who have a psychology background.

修讀形式 Study Style
  • 遙距學習Distance Learning
  • 課本參讀Course Materials
  • 參考資料Reference notes


Students can study everytime and everywhere, it does not disturb your job and family, you can also control your study durations.

學位資格及評核方式 Degree qualification and assessment approach
  • 印度非傳統醫學委員會 輔導及心理治療學碩士學位
  • 完成所有課程 (總共42學分) Complete all courses (42 credits)
  • 期末考期試合格(兩年內) Pass in Exam(2 years)
  • 課本、教學語言、考試習作
  • Textbooks, Teaching Lanuage, Examination & Exercises
  • 英語 + 中文
  • English + Chinese

IBAM認證註冊執行師 (Indian Board of Alternative Medicines)


The Indian Board of Alternative Medicines is one of the largest open international educational academies and a premier institution in the field of alternative / complementary medicines and health promotion in India.




Dr. S.R. Lokhande - S.R.

Opp h p nagar,east gate, Vashi naka, CHEMBUR, Mumbai


馬哈拉施特拉邦政府 Government of Maharashtra

Madam Cama Road, Hutatma Rajguru Chowk, Nariman Point, Churchgate,

Mumbai, Maharashtra 400032, India


印度政府外交部 Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India

The origin of the Indian Foreign Service can be traced back to the British rule when the Foreign Department was created to conduct business with the "Foreign European Powers”. In fact it was on September 13, 1783, when the Board of Directors of the East India Company passed a resolution at Fort William, Calcutta (now Kolkata), to create a department, which could help "relieve the pressure” on the Warren Hastings administration in conducting its "secret and political business”.

Subsequently known as the "Indian Foreign Department”, it went ahead with the expansion of diplomatic representation, wherever necessary, to protect British interests.

中央秘書處事務處 Central Secretariat Service(CSS)

Class A Includes Employees Like

Executive power vested o_cers, with decision making powers So it means IAS, IES, IFS, SDPO, DIB, CP, GP, JCP, IGP, ADLCP, DIG, DCP, SSP, DCP, SP, ASP, ACP, DSP, COLONEL etc are all class A gazetted o_cers.

Class B includes

O_cers with limited supervisory/managerial role Attestation of copies of original documents for academic or immigration

澳洲認證治療師 (Australian Committee of Natural Therapies)


The Australian Committee of Natural Therapies Inc. is anational association representing Natural, Traditional, Bioenergetic and Magnetic Therapies.


美國認證 整體健康治療師 (American Association of Drugless Practitioners)


The American Association of Drugless Practitioners Certification and Accreditation Board was established in 1990. The AADP is dedicated to promoting an enhanced professional image and prestige among practitioners of traditional and non-traditional therapies and methodologies.


英國認證 整體健康治療師 (The International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine Certification and Accreditation)


IPHM has been developed to provide the general public and health care professionals with a body of regulated professionals, all qualified to accredited levels.


入學資格 Entrance Requirements

任何學科的學士學位 A Bachelor of any discipline

Secondary School Graduation with 5 years of work experience in the field of psychology or equivalent.

High diploma/Asso. With 3 years of work experience in the field of psychology or equivalent.

於PTA填妥之報名表正本、報名費及首期學費、學歷文件正本及影印本、三張1.5" x 2"證件相片
* If the applicant who does not fulfill above requirements, the application will also be considered individually.

學費及付款方式 Fees and Payment Methods
  • 一套教材 Learning Materials
  • 學位證書費 Certification Fee
  • 報名費 Registration Fee

- 申請東亞或匯豐信用卡分期,手續費為 6%(分六個月)、8%(分十二個月)
- Applying HKBEA or HSBC credit card installments, the banking charges are 6%(6 months) and 8%(12 months).

  • 付款方式Payment Methods
  • 1. 現金(一次性) Cash(one-pay off)
  • 2. 支票(一次性) Check(one-pay off)
  • 3. 信用卡分期 Credit card installment


NOTE: Individual employers would be making decision whether to admit qualifications of this course by the students.
NOTE: According to education and manpower bureau to implement (the non-local higher and professional education regulation) at starting June 1997. The pure distanc e of learning coursing was exempted from registration regulation. This course was a pure distance learning course, the reason why this course could not be registries.
NOTE: Unless this course was full and canceled, students fees paid will not be refunded.

IBAM特色 IBAM’s Features


超過 100,000 從業者和 110 個附屬中心,有來自世界各地的顧客和顧問。
IBAM is the nation's foremost organization in the field of alternative medicines with a membership in excess of 100,000 practitioners and 110 affiliated centers spread across the length and breadth of the nation.


A highlight and eagerly awaited event of the Board are its annual international conferences of which it has thus far successfully organized Twenty Three International Conferences.


在大型企業和公司或組織定期舉辦非傳統的天然替代療法的工作坊,如BHEL, TISCO, JINDAL and HINDALCO等。
The Board also regularly organizes workshops on the different alternative therapies for large corporations and companies such as BHEL, TISCO, JINDAL and HINDALCO, etc


除了舉辦健康營和慈善診所,亦 參與世界衛生日,世界艾滋病日,世界環境日,世界和平日,世界婦女節等。
Other then organising health workshop and charty events, the Board has close links with a number of renowned international organizations in the field of alternative medicines. It is affiliated to over fifty reputed organizations worldwide. such as World Environment Day, International Day of Peace,International Women’s Day