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NLP發證導師課程 - 學員畢業後可成為導師及簽發NF NLP證書

Upon completion of the course, students can obtain the rights to issue certificates of NFNLP

真正的小組教學,豐富的演練機會 Small class teaching, abundant opportunities to practise

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is regarded as the most advanced thinking and psychology tools in the 21st century, comprising neuro science, physiology, psychology, communications, linguistics, and etc. In recent years, NLP are widely used worldwide on learning, counseling, business, management, communications, personal growth, psychotherapy, health care and other different areas with significant results. People aspiring to learn NLP are growing tremendously all over the world. In this regards, the demand for quality NLP training is on the increase. Professional NLP trainer course can help you build up your training career, and make you become a star of trainer.


Features of the course

  • The course is conducted issued by internationally recognized NLP Trainer
  • Trainer has substantial experience in training and counselling.
  • Based on different world class NLP programmes, the course is comprehensive and practical.
  • Focus on practicality and effectiveness. Students have sufficient opportunities to practice in class.
  • Trainer will follow up the progress of each student.
  • Upon completion, Graduates can co-operate with PTA on training programs can apply NFNLP certificates on their students’ behalf (including NLP Practitioner, Master Practitioner and Trainer)
  • Each student is entitled to two hours individual consultation for free.


  • 由國際認可NLP發證導師教授。
  • 導師擁有豐富的教學及輔導經驗。
  • 參照多個國際NLP學會的課程而編制,內容非常豐富及實用。
  • 著重實踐及成效。學員有足夠時間在堂上練習。
  • 導師跟進每位學員的進度。
  • 成為發證導師後可向NFNLP申請簽發證書(包括NLP執行師及高級執行師)。
  • 每位學員可獲兩小時免費個別咨詢。
  • 畢業後有機會與專才培訓協會合作發展,開創事業

    單元1 – 導師角式
  • 導師定位
  • 導師責任
  • 清除心理障礙
  • 建立個人風格
  • 建立卓越狀態
  • 導師預設前題
  • 卓越演說技巧
  • 模仿傑出講者
  • 成功預演
    Module 1 – Role of a Trainer
  • The positioning of a trainer
  • The responsibility of a trainer
  • Elimination of psycho barriers
  • Building up of personal style
  • Building up a state of excellence
  • Presuppositions of a trainer
  • Excellent presentation skills
  • Modeling of outstanding presenters
  • Success rehearsal
    單元2 – 課程設計及教授
  • 高效四式課程設計
  • 設計課程要注意的事項
  • 演說熱身
  • 開場白
  • 重要事項宣佈
  • 教授的藝術
  • 身體語言與聲調配合
  • 語言運用
  • 隱喻運用
  • 教授形式
  • 課堂中加插遊戲活勳
  • 如何評核學員
  • 靈活運用NLP技巧來設計不同的課程
  • 如何使課程更有特色
    Module 2 – Design and Delivery of Courses
  • Extremely effective four style course design
  • Items to be noticed when designing courses
  • Preparation for the presentation
  • Openings
  • Important notice
  • The art of teaching
  • The use of body language and tone
  • The use of language
  • The use of metaphors
  • Style of teaching
  • Games included in training
  • How to assess students
  • Flexible use of NLP skills in designing different courses
  • How to make the classes even more distincitive
    單元3 – 舞台設計及運用
  • 扎根舞台
  • 舞台心錨
  • 班房擺設
  • 開課前準備清單
  • 克服舞台恐懼
  • 如何增加舞台的能量
    Module 3 – The design and the use of stage
  • Centering on stage
  • Anchoring on stage
  • The settings of classroom
  • Pre-course preparation checklist
  • Overcoming stage fright
  • How to increase stage energy
    單元4 – 學員事務
  • 訂定守則
  • 與學員建立親和感  
  • 觀察學員的反應
  • 為學員建立最佳學習狀態
  • 給予學員回應及鼓勵
  • 回應批評的策略
  • 處理學員衝突
  • 如何令學員互相學習
  • 提升學員對課程的價值
  • 從感知位置去了解學員
  • 利用學員的提問去改進課程
    Module 4 – Student Affairs
  • Setting of rules and regulations
  • Building up rapport with participants
  • Observation of participants’ response
  • Setting the best learning states for participants
  • Giving feedback and encouragement
  • Strategies to respond to criticism
  • Handling of students’ conflicts
  • How to foster students mutual learning
  • Adding students’ perceived values for the course
  • Understanding students by perceptual position
  • Using questions raised by students to improve the course
    單元5 – 技巧示範
  • 如何挑選學員作示範
  • 示範程序
  • 如何確保示範達成效果
  • NLP技巧精練
  • 敏銳觀察能力
  • 眼球轉動線索
  • 親和感
  • 心錨
  • 次感元
  • 快速消除恐懼法
  • 快速心態轉變法
  • 邏輯理解層次
  • 策略
    Module 5 – Demonstration Skills
  • How to select participants for demonstration
  • The procedures of demonstration
  • How to ensure the effectiveness of demonstration
  • Enhancement of NLP skills
  • Sensory acuity
  • Eye accessing cues
  • Rapport
  • Rapport
  • Sub modalities
  • Fast Phobia Cure
  • Fast Change in Attitude
  • Logical Levels
  • Strategies
    單元6 – 考試評核
  • 第一部分為筆試
  • 第二部分為演說
  • (學員需完成所有單元及提交習作才能參加考試)
    Module 6 – Assessments
  • Part 1 will be written test;
  • Part 2 will be presentation
  • Course duration: 60 hours
證書 Certificate

National Federation of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NFNLP)

"NLP Trainer" (證書費HK$2,500)

Upon completion of all modules, assignments and pass in examinations, students are entitled to obtain the “NLP Trainer Certificate”.  Students could also apply for the international professional membership of the following institution:
National Federation of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NFNLP)

“NLP Trainer” (Certificate Fee HK$ 2,500)

  • 修畢NLP執行師及高級執行師。
  • For those who have completed NLP practitioner and Master Practitioner.
  • 只修畢NLP執行師,可於完成導師課程後補回。
  • For those who have completed NLP Practitioner only, they need to complete Master Practitioner after the NLP Trainer course.
開班日期及時間 Date of commencement and time:
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